Changes in the selection of marine shells from the Natufian to the neolithic
essay 1991 Bar-Yosef, Daniella E.

EpipaleolithicMiddle East > Middle East
Bar-Yosef also writes about marine shells found in Epipaleolithic to Neolithic sites and writes about the changes that occur. She points out an increase in the numbers of different species first appears in the Natufian and usually an increase in the ...

First results of the excavations at Salibiya I, Lower Jordan Valley
essay 1991 Crabtree, Pam J. et al.

EpipaleolithicMiddle East > Middle East
Salibaiya I is a late Natufian site in the lower Jordan valley, 230 meters below sea level. Crabtree et al. present their findings from the first season of excavations at this site. The site contains stone, bone, and shell artifacts. The authors were...