Ahler, Steven R.. Late Archaic components at Modoc Rock Shelter, Randolph County, Illinois

Table of Contents

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Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter Ii: Site Location And Setting

Modern Environmental Setting

Late Archaic Environmental Setting

Chapter Iii: Late Archaic Research In The Southern Prairie Peninsula

Characterization Of The Late Archaic Period

Late Archaic Phases In The Southern Prairie Peninsula Region

Significance Of Modoc To Late Archaic Research

Chapter Iv: Previous Research At Modoc Rock Shelter

Site Discovery And Pre-excavation Condition

1952–1953 Excavation Seasons

1955–1956 Excavation Seasons

Modoc Revisited—the 1980 Excavation Season

1981–1982 Modoc Locality Survey

1984 Excavation Season

1987–1989 Neh Integrative Study

Chapter V: Descriptive Results Of The 1987 Excavations

Excavation Area Location

Excavation Methods And Recovery Techniques

Strata Descriptions

Stratum 7e

Stratum 8e

Stratum 9e

Stratum 10e


Strata Summary

Radiocarbon Chronology

Temporally Diagnostic Artifacts

Hafted Bifaces


Typological Analyses

Attribute Analysis

Intersite Comparisons

Other Diagnostic Artifacts

Summary Of Diagnostic Artifacts

Feature Descriptions

Unit/level Data


Chapter Viii: Analysis Of Lithic Artifacts


Debitage Analysis

Technological Attributes

Data Analysis

Material Type Analysis

Differential Use Of Raw Materials

Summary Of Debitage Analysis

Modified Item Analysis

Descriptive Typology

Technological Analysis

Size And Completeness

Modification Aspect

Haft Modification

Reduction Stage

Tool Curation

Summary Of Technological Variables

Morphological And Functional Diversity

Morphological Diversity

Functional Analysis

Hardness Of Objective Material

Summary Of Modified Item Analyses


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Title: Late Archaic components at Modoc Rock Shelter, Randolph County, Illinois

Published By: Springfield, Ill.: Illinois State Museum, 1992. i-vi, 1-51, 93-117, 133-142 p.: ill., map

By line: by Steven R. Ahler … [et al.]

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Eastern Late Archaic (NN55)

Subjects: Theoretical orientation in research and its results (121); Organization and analysis of results of research (128); Archaeological excavation methods (1210); Lithic industries (324); Settlement patterns (361); Weapons (411); General tools (412); Chronologies and culture sequences (911); Cultural stratigraphy (912);

Abstract: 'This report primarily summarizes data from archaeological excavations at the Modoc Rock Shelter in 1987. This expedition is part of a long-term research project which focuses on prehistoric environmental change and cultural adaptation along the southern border of the Prairie Peninsula. The 1987 excavations explored strata previously radiocarbon dated to the early portion of the Late Archaic period (4000-5000 B.P.). Prior to 1987, these strata had been documented, but very little material had been recovered from reliable contexts.' (page 1). Ahler describes the previous research at Modoc Rock Shelter. He presents the results of the 1987 excavations and the lithic analysis. His analysis includes comparison of Strata 7E, 8E, 8EC, 9E, and 10E. The fauna, flora, skeletal, and additional analyses and the site summary can be found in eHRAF documents nos. 3-7.

Document Number: 2

Document ID: nn55-002

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English

Field Date: 1987

Evaluation: Archaeologist-4, 5

Analyst: Sarah Berry ; 2004

Coverage Date: 5000 BP- 4000 BP

Coverage Place: Modoc Rock Shelter, Illinois, United States

LCSH: Indians of North America -- Antiquities


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