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Title: Summary and integration

Published in: Late Archaic components at Modoc Rock Shelter, Randolph County, Illinois, by Steven R. Ahler … [et al.]

Published By: Late Archaic components at Modoc Rock Shelter, Randolph County, Illinois, by Steven R. Ahler … [et al.] Springfield, Ill.: Illinois State Museum, 1992. 124-129 p.

By line: Steven R. Ahler and Bonnie W. Styles

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Eastern Late Archaic (NN55)

Subjects: Theoretical orientation in research and its results (121); Fauna (136); Sociocultural trends (178); Lithic industries (324); Settlement patterns (361); General tools (412); Cultural stratigraphy (912);

Abstract: Analysis of the data indicate the site changed in use during the 1000 year period of the Late Archaic. A Falling Springs component is represented in Strata 9E and 8EC. During this time period the inhabitants used Modoc Rock Shelter as a long term base camp in a logistically organized settlement system. The cultural data from Stratum 8E are distinct enough not to fit in a specific phase, but it was used as a generalized short-term occupation residential camp. And during Strata 7E and lower 7E, a Titterington Phase component, the residents used Modoc as a more specialized site, a field camp. The analysis show that the site '…shifted from a logistical organization to a more residentially mobile system, then back to a logistical organization. These patterns underscore the flexibility of prehistoric settlement systems in general and provide a means of reassessing previous interpretations of the Late Archaic period …at Modoc.' (page 127).

Document Number: 6

Document ID: nn55-006

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English

Note: For bibliographical references see document 2: Ahler.

Field Date: 1987

Evaluation: Archaeologist-4, 5

Analyst: Sarah Berry ; 2004

Coverage Date: 5000 BP-4000 BP

Coverage Place: Modoc Rock Shelter, Randolph County, Illinois, United States

LCSH: Indians of North America -- Antiquities


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