Adams, E. Charles. The origin and development of the Pueblo Katsina cult

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Title: The origin and development of the Pueblo Katsina cult

Published By: Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1991. xvi, 235 p.: ill., maps

By line: E. Charles Adams

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2012. Computer File

Culture: Late Anasazi (NT97)

Subjects: Congregations (794); Spirits and gods (776); Settlement patterns (361); Sociocultural trends (178); Community structure (621); Social relationships and groups (571);

Abstract: Adams writes, "This book is a study of the concept of katsina and the Pueblo religion that has developed around this concept. … The focus of this book is more properly on defining what makes katsinas unique, why this concept was developed, and what adaptive value it had for prehistoric Pueblo culture." (page 3). After discussing its development, Adams uses the research done at Homol'ovi to show how the katsina cult allow aggregate villages to stabilize, allowed village continuity and expansion, and helped to integrate the divergent populations. Homol'ovi also had evidence of specialization in cotton production and probably other riparian resources and trade, especially to the Hopi Mesas. "Distribution of cult iconography in public media, such as rock art and ceramics, indicated the cult was used by the leadership in involving all segments of the populace in the ceremonies. Such community integration [allowed] the leadership to organize community labor to make the land [more] productive." (page 202). Although Adams' book covers AD 600-1700, his main discussion centers on the time period of 800-400 BP (AD 1200-1600). Data concerning the time periods outside this block of time were not marked for OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials) codes.

Document Number: 3

Document ID: nt97-003

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English

Note: this would be considered within the time range (AD 1275-1550).

Field Date: 1984-1990

Evaluation: Archaeologist-4, 5

Analyst: Sarah Berry; 2011

Coverage Date: 800-400 BP (AD 1200-1600)

Coverage Place: Arizona and New Mexico, United States

LCSH: Pueblo Indians--Religion//Kachina dolls//Kachinas--History//Pueblo Indians--Rites and ceremonies


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