organization and analysis of results

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Identification of material; methods of processing raw data (e.g., analysis, classification, quantification); special techniques of analysis (e.g., phonemic, sociometric); preparation of tables and graphs; methods of determining consistency, reliability, and validity of results (e.g., statistical, use of ratings and scales); organization of materials for presentation in published form: author's discussion of her or his organization of the source; data classification methods used including information on developing systems for the formal description and classification of archaeological and material culture data; archaeological reconstruction and other laboratory (except for scientific analysis) activities such as cleaning, cataloging, etc. of artifacts and other remains; artifact reconstruction; general discussion of how inferences about cultural behavior are drawn from the archaeological record, etc.; methods of quantification used in analyzing archaeological materials such as composition analysis (e.g., histograms, diagrams, scalograms, and dendrograms), spatial distribution (e.g., cartography), factor analysis, multiple regression, etc.

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