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Village on the Euphrates: from foraging to farming at Abu Hureyra

Oxford University PressLondon • Published In 2000 • Pages:

By: Moore, A. M. T. (Andrew Michael Tangye), Hillman, Gordon C., Legge, A. J. (Anthony J.).

This document contains several of the chapters written by Moore from his book 'Village on the Euphrates.' The chapters include: 'The Themes of the Research,' 'Beginning Work,' 'The Setting,' 'Methods of Excavation at Abu Hureyra,' 'The Development of Abu Hureyra,' 'and 'Abu Hureyra and the Beginning of Agriculture,' so they mostly discuss his research design, how the site was excavated, and a summary of the findings and significance of the site. This document was mostly marked for information pertaining to Abu Hureyra phase 1C (10,400 BP-10,000 B.P), the Intermediate Period (10,000 BP-9,400 BP), and phases 2A-2B (9,400 BP-7,300 B.P). However, although this document contains important information about the Epipaleolithic tradition, it was not indexed with OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials) subjects for that time period.
Theoretical orientation in research and its results
Recording and collecting in the field
Archaeological excavation methods
Culture summary
Aceramic Neolithic
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Middle East
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Middle East
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book chapter
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Sarah Berry; 2007
Field Date
1971 reconnaissance, 1972-1973 field work
Coverage Date
11,500-7,000 BP
Coverage Place
Abu Hureyra, Syria
A.M.T. Moore, G.C. Hillman, A.J. Legge ; with contributions by J. Huxtable ... [et al.]
Includes bibliographical references (p. [555]-573) and index
Neolithic period--Syria/Excavations (Archaeology)--Syria/Abu Hureyra, Tall (Syria)/Syria--Antiquities