North Americahunter-gatherers to food producers

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The Mogollon tradition is found in southeastern Arizona and southern New Mexico, extending into far western Texas and adjacent areas of northwestern Chihuahua, from 2000 to 600 BP. The people were sedentary horticulturalists growing corn, beans, and squash, with continued reliance on hunted and gathered resources. Early in the tradition people lived in pit houses and later in above-ground masonry pueblos with great kivas or community houses for village rituals. Late in the tradition there is evidence of Mogollon and Anasazi peoples living together in single communities. Pottery can be plain, incised, or painted. Many of the painted ceramic bowls are found buried with the dead. Trade items include marine-shell beads and bracelets from the Hohokam tradition, and copper bells and macaws from west Mexico.

  • North America
  • Southwest and Basin
Subsistence Type
  • hunter-gatherers to food producers
  • Mexico
  • United States