Citing a document seen in eHRAF

When citing a document from eHRAF, please include both the original publication citation (if applicable) followed by information about where and when you found it. You should also include the date of access for any eHRAF resource to complete your bibliographic reference.


When using the format_quote Cite button (see Finding citation information), document permalinks are automatically included with the citation information so you can copy and paste them easily into your bibliography. If you choose not to use the automatically formatted citations, we recommend that you still include the document permalink in the citation so that readers can be directed to the exact eHRAF resources that you are referring to. They will be prompted to log in to eHRAF as required to view the full document.

Sample References

Abrams, Elliot Marc. 1988. “Investigation of an Obsidian Midden at Cihuatecpan, Mexico.” In Excavations at Cihuatecpan, an Aztec Village in the Teotihuacan Valley, 235–38. Nashville, Tenn.: Vanderbilt University.

For eHRAF tradition summaries (found in Browse Traditions):

Banning, E. B. (Edward Bruce). 2010. “Tradition Summary: Aceramic Neolithic.” New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files.