Accessing eHRAF

Access to eHRAF requires membership. This most commonly through an academic library or institution such as a university, college, high school, public library, or museum. A complete list of member institutions and which applications they have access to is available on our website on the Sponsoring & Associate Members page. In some instances - such as for unaffiliated individuals who opt for an Independent Researcher membership - you may be granted a HRAF-issued username and password.

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More details about becoming a member or requesting a free trial are available on our HRAF Membership page.

Institution Access

If you access eHRAF through a member institution, access will be confirmed automatically by checking that you are connecting to the database from an IP address associated with a member institution (i.e. from a physical location on campus). This means that you may not be able to access eHRAF from an off-campus location unless your university library offers proxy access or a VPN. Check with your librarian for further assistance, or visit our FAQ for more details on off-campus access. Note that except in rare circumstances, individual trials or HRAF-issued passwords will not be granted to users from member institutions while they are off campus.

User Account Access

If you have HRAF-issued login credentials (such as Independent Reseacher membership or individual trial username and password), we will verify your access by associating your eHRAF user account with our membership records. In these cases, you will only need to log in to eHRAF to access the database. Access through your library is not required.


While anyone can freely create a user account on eHRAF, accounts do not provide access unless we set that up for you. These free accounts are for creating and sharing Notebooks.


If you are having trouble accessing eHRAF and think you should have access, visit our Troubleshooting guide.