Application Settings

Application settings allow you to adjust the appearance of eHRAF and change some of its functionality. To access application settings click the settings Adjust Application Settings button on the top right to open a left sidebar with the application settings listed.

Application settings are not tied to your user account, but they will persist in your browser as long as you do not clear your browser cache.


Density refers to the amount of whitespace around various elements in the application. The options are Compact, Medium, and Comfortable.


There are four themes available, which change the colors of the application:

  • Default (light red, black, and white)

  • Dark Mode (light red, black, and gray)

  • Classic (inspired by the previous version of eHRAF World Cultures: various shades of brown and gold-orange)

  • Archaeology (inspired by the previous version of eHRAF Archaeology: blue, gold-orange, and white)


The application uses the same font for all text. Changing the font here will change the font in all parts of the application.

These are the options:

  • Roboto (default)

  • Merriweather

  • Roboto Slab

  • Open Sans

  • Lato

  • Playfair Display

  • Quattrocento

Display Use Fors

These options allow you to turn Use Fors on or off for Browse Traditions, Browse Subjects, and in the Advanced Search pick list.

Search Options

Currently, the only option is to change the number of results per page, ranging from as low as 10 to as high as 150. This setting also impacts browse pages.